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Welcome to the Divine Ascension Guild Portal homepage!

Divine Ascension is a new Olympus guild created by a group of friends who are keen on finding a new home as well as participating in Snow Dragon raids. Most of the managers have prior experience in Snow Dragon raids with EJ/SG and we'd like to invite you to join us in the fun and hopefully, snag some unique booty as well.

Ascension is a term used to describe movement upwards. With the current dying state of Edda, I like to think of it as a revival of the purity and fun we'd once had when we first started playing. Though we have just launched, we'd like to see our guild rise up as well to become one of the top guilds in Olympus that will not only be known for completing successful Snow Dragon raids, but also for being one of the greatest communities. Greedy individuals who only look out for themselves and who could care less for the success of the guild family need not apply. DA hopes to be an exemplary model of a guild that welcomes talented individuals of skill and impeccable character. Recruitment is strict, but we only do this to protect our members. Hope to see some of you in the family soon!


First Time on this Website?
For the registration on this website, Admin won't be here from 11pm~5am PST.
We apologize for the inconvenience, We thank you for bearing with us.

Wait for approval from a manager

Step 1. Go to SD Raid Info Tab.
Sign up on raid calendar, Read the SD Guide, Rules and Requirements, Loot Distribution Info. These are Mandatory

Step 2. Go to Forums. Post and declare the class items you wish to bid on here

Step 3. Download Mumble (optional, but recommended) Follow the setup guide or refer to the Right Sidebar for Mumble Server Address. This is subject to change. Even if you don't use mumble often, please join the channel during our raids.

Step 4. Let your friends know about our raids. We want to make this a great SD raid experience for everyone. To do this, we need a lot of people with skill and decent gear. Skill is most important, gear will just help you survive better and hit harder.

Guild News

April 27 - SD -

LilAng3l, Apr 27, 11 8:16 PM.
Important Update

DA SD runs will be postponed until further notice. Not sure if it was because we went in with 15 people or if the dragon was scaled to meet the new level cap. Either way, it zerked at 60%. Thanks to everyone who could make it out to support us today. 

Chances of canceling SD runs for a while.

SD has been buff and uniques has been nerf. Alot of guilds has stop their SD runs because of the craziness of the game atm.

Look at forums for updates!!


April 26 - SD - Alpha Run

LilAng3l, Apr 26, 11 9:38 PM.
Today's Drops

Zeus' Warrior Saber- storage
Hermes' Chitin Leather Boots - AkaRex

Grats!! G3 is gonna be out tomorrow!!

April 24 - SD - Beta Run

LilAng3l, Apr 25, 11 12:29 AM.
Today's Drops

Hermes' chitin Leather Gloves - CremDelaCrem
Zeus' Warrior Saber - storage

Gratz!!! Raye has finally completed her chaser set!!

April 23 - SD - Beta Run

LilAng3l, Apr 24, 11 12:53 AM.
Today's Drops

Zeus' Steel Pattern Armor - St. Michael
Zeus' Steel Pattern Armor - BarangaayTanods

Grats!!! We need other drops now...not Zeus!!!

April 22 - SD - Beta Run

LilAng3l, Apr 23, 11 12:43 AM.
Today's Drops

Zeus' Warrior Sword - Kaisya
Zeus' Warrior Saber - Jade

Close: 4 weeks, 1633 days ago
Close: 4 weeks, 1651 days ago
Mumble Server

Join us on the Voice Chat Server!

Main Server

Port: 55664

For more information on how to setup Mumble, refer here


~For Guild: level 35+, funny and cool players. Active would be even better. No whinners TY
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